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I give freely from the heart, and generously share my time and knowledge openly. 

Time is a precious resource. This session is for you if you are ready to invest in yourself and your brand through me.  If this does not describe you right now, then this session is not for you at this time. 

Read my blog posts, check out my social media profiles and dig into my YouTube and iTunes content. This media will let you know more about who I am, and help you determine whether or not we'd make magic together.

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Understanding why you're interested in working with me helps understand our connection. You may like my voice, my values or my design aesthetic. Be honest - there's no wrong answers here! :)
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This is your chance to tell me what it is you need right now. What's in your dream project with me? Are we working on pumping up your sex appeal? Oozing rawness in your sales page? Coming up with content for a 30-day challenge? Redesigning a logo or brand look? I looooove details.
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